Artist Statement

The abstract paintings are made on wallpaper with Chinese ink and acrylic paint with a variety of brushes. With every different brush a new mark arises and with every stroke a new abstract composition.

I explore how gestural mark making, bold strokes and the existing patterns melt into something different every time, creating a new story. 

My work is all about exploring the balance between the juxtaposition of large scale strokes against the small scale industrial wallpaper patterns and finding the dialogue between the two.

The process of my authentic mark making, the elimination and re-introductions of parts of the pattern is endlessly fascinating. My aim is that the joyous energy and inspiration felt when creating will be transferred to the observer long after the ‘bold strokes’ have been set.

I invite you to take a look and enjoy my bold strokes!


About Tessa

Tessa has devoted herself to the creative arts all her life. For years she and her family lived in various countries in the Middle East and Asia. There she was inspired and educated by local artists. Back in the Netherlands, she devoted herself fully to her passion, followed an art training and opened her studio in famous coastal town of Scheveningen.